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Creating Faculty Portfolio Sites on the Commons | CUNY Academic Commons News

I was recently invited to write an article on creating faculty portfolios on the CUNY Academic Commons for the CUNY Academic Commons News. The article discusses several WordPress plugins to help maximize student/faculty engagement, and could be helpful to other faculty members using WordPress to host their websites.

Interviewed for an article on the Women in Computer Science Club at Hunter College

I was recently interviewed by Yvonne Chow, a Graphic Designer and Hunter College student, for her article about the newly established Women in Computer Science Club at Hunter College.

By Yvonne Chow. Photo by Erin Williams. Women are still very much a minority in computer sciences, and as universities struggle to encourage more to go into the field, one Hunter club aims to incre…

Source: Women in Computer Science Club Holds First Meeting – YVONNE O. CHOW