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Preprint now available for ICSE 2019 paper

A preprint for our ICSE 2019 paper entitled “Safe Automated Refactoring for Intelligent Parallelization of Java 8 Streams” is now available!

Preprint of our IEEE SCAM ’18 paper on stream refactoring now available

A preprint of our upcoming IEEE SCAM 2018 paper entitled, “A Tool for Optimizing Java 8 Stream Software via Automated Refactoring” is now available.

Preprint for ICSE ’18 poster now available

A preprint of our upcoming ICSE 2018 poster paper entitled, “Poster: Towards safe refactoring for intelligent parallelization of Java 8 streams” is now available.

Preprint now available for Proactive Empirical Assessment paper

A preprint version of our paper entitled, “Proactive Empirical Assessment of New Language Feature Adoption via Automated Refactoring: The Case of Java 8 Default Methods,” to appear later this year at <Programming> 2018, is now available.

Preprint of ASE 2017 tool demo available

A preprint of our ASE 2017 tool demonstration paper entitled¬†“Defaultification Refactoring: A Tool for Automatically Converting Java” is now available. (more…)

Preprint of ICSE 2017 Default Method Refactoring paper now available

A preprint of our ICSE 2017 paper on Default Method Refactoring is now available.

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