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Slides for ASE ’23 NIER paper on imperative Deep Learning refactoring now available

Slides for our ASE ’23 NIER paper on our ongoing work towards automated refactoring of imperative Deep Learning programs to graph execution are now available. The talk will take place tomorrow at 1:54 pm CEST.


Slides for ICSE ’22 tool demo on rejuvenating feature logging statement levels now available

Slides for our ICSE ’22 formal tool demonstration on rejuvenating feature logging statement levels iva Git histories and Degree of Interest (DOI) are now available. The live demo will take place tomorrow at 11:45 am EST.

Slides from GMU talk about challenges in executing imperative Deep Learning programs as graphs

Slides from my talk at George Mason University (GMU) on “Challenges in Migrating Imperative Deep Learning Programs to Graph Execution: An Empirical Study” are now available.

Slides for stream refactoring talk at Columbia University now available

Slides for my talk on Safe Automated Refactoring for Intelligent Parallelization of Java 8 Streams at Columbia University are now available.

Slides for our IEEE SCAM ’18 paper on stream refactoring are now available

Slides for our IEEE SCAM 2018 paper entitled, “A Tool for Optimizing Java 8 Stream Software via Automated Refactoring” are now available. (more…)

Slides from Programming 2018

Slides for our talk on “Proactive Empirical Assessment of New Language Feature Adoption via Automated Refactoring: The Case of Java 8 Default Methods” at Programming 2018 are now available. (more…)

Slides from talk at IBM Programming Languages Day 2017

Slides from our talk at IBM Programming Languages Day 2017 are now available. (more…)

Slides available for Defaultification Refactoring tool demonstration talk

Slides for our tool demonstration talk at ASE 2017 on “Defaultification Refactoring: A Tool for Automatically Converting Java Methods to Default” are now available!

Slides for Default Method Refactoring talk at GMU available

The slides from yesterday’s talk at GMU on Default Method Refactoring are now available. (more…)