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Program committee member for PLRP’18

I have been invited to serve on the program committee (PC) for the 1st IEEE International Workshop on Programming Languages Research & Practice (PLRP’18) of COMPSAC 2018. The workshop is organized by Hua Ming and Mehdi Bagherzadeh of Oakland University. We look forward to the submissions. The call for papers is listed below:

Call for Papers
The goal of the workshop is to promote research ideas and provoke discussion on programming languages, theories and their applications in various aspects of software and their applications. Programming languages are central to software engineering and design, and have a direct impact on the quality, efficiency and correctness of software programs. Languages are also critical tools for solving computational problems. In this workshop, we seek to point future research directions that seamlessly join programming language techniques, either static techniques or dynamic ones, to their related application grounds, including but not limited to big data, IoT, security, domain specific technologies, cyber-physical systems, mission critical applications etc.

Scope of the Workshop
Programming languages are tools for computational problem solving, and research in programming languages is rich, and spans a range of topics both theoretical and practical. PLRP 2018 solicits papers including but not limited to the following topics:
• New programming languages
• Programming language theories
• Language design, analysis and implementation
• Programming paradigms (imperative, functional, object oriented, etc…)
• Logic programming
• Formal methods
• Syntax and semantics
• Compilers
• Data flow optimization
• Type systems
• Modularity, concurrency and parallelism
• Domain specific languages
• XML-based support for reactivity

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