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Course on Software Analysis and Transformation at the GC in Spring 2018

I will be lecturing a course at the Graduate Center on Software Analysis and Transformation next Spring 2018 semester. Please encourage those interested to enroll. Below is a short blurb about the course description:

With the rise of mobile computing, cybersecurity, and big data, the need for software engineering tools to assist developers in cultivating and managing the complexity of large software systems has never been more evident, giving way to such tools as GitHub, Pivotal, and SonarQube. Software analysis and transformation has a variety of uses, including performance optimization (in compilers), decompiling, obfuscating, verifying program correctness, domain-specific programming languages, and software understanding, evolution, debugging, and testing in software engineering tools. The material will be useful for students working in compilers, developer tools, systems, software engineering, and programming languages.

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