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Md. wins City Tech 2016 Valedictorian

I am pleased to announce that @mdarefin has won City Tech 2016 valedictorian! Congrats Md!


Md. accepted as Emerging Scholar for Fall 2015

Congrats to @mdarefin for being accepted into the Fall 2015 Emerging Scholar program!

Md. wins SPLASH 2015 NSF Student Travel Support

Congrats to @mdarefin for winning a NSF Student Travel Support award to attend the SPLASH 2015 conference!

The US National Science Foundation has provided funding to support student attendance at SPLASH 2015. Applicants must be registered students at accredited US academic institutions. Successful applicants will be reimbursed for approved expenses, including conference student registration, travel, accommodation, and reasonable meal expenses. All reimbursements will require original receipts. Support from NSF is provided through Grant CCF-1549774.

Source: Students – SPLASH 2015