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New bachelors student Walee Ahmed joins the team

A new bachelors student, Walee Ahmed, joins our team this Fall semester! Walee is a Hunter College Computer Science student set to graduate in 2019. He has already finished a BA in psychology! He also really enjoys various hackathons around the northeast. Welcome, Walee!

New masters student Oren Friedman joins the team

A new masters student, Oren Friedman, joins our team this summer! Oren is a new masters student in Computer Science at Hunter College. Arrive from Queens college, Oren actually began his career as a US Merchant Marine Officer! He has also worked in operations, sales, and software development in the maritime shipping industry and the New York City industrial warehousing market. Welcome, Oren!


Appointed to Women in Computer Science at Hunter College committee

I am pleased to announce that I will be working with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Extension Services for Undergraduate Programs (NCWIT ES-UP) as part of the Committee on Women in Computer Science at Hunter College (WICS-HC) on recruiting and retaining women students in the Computer Science Department at Hunter College.

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